Cubinexo's Cosmic Settlement

Cosmic Settlement is a 3D multiplayer game that takes place in a vast and immersive universe where players can explore different planets, build settlements, mine resources, and engage in a virtual economy. The primary objective is to create a successful settlement and accumulate wealth while collaborating with other players.
Render of a player's personal space spa in 'Cosmic Settlement'. The spa features a holographic pool, relaxation areas with plush seating, and advanced beauty treatments. A young gay man relaxes, enjoying a facial treatment while chatting with friends.
Photo of a chic rooftop garden party on a high-rise building in an alien metropolis. Young gay men in stylish outfits mingle, laugh, and share stories. The setting sun casts a golden hue on the skyline, while flying cars pass by, merging the realism of The Sims with the futuristic setting.
Photo of a realistic player's apartment in 'Cosmic Settlement', reminiscent of The Sims. The modern space-themed decor includes neon lights, stylish furniture, and large windows offering a view of an alien cityscape. The character, a fashionable young gay man, is choosing outfits from a futuristic wardrobe.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Join thousands of players in exploring uncharted planets, building your settlements, and shaping your destiny.

Space Exploration:

Hardware Master
Players can travel between planets using spacecraft. Each planet has its unique environment, resources, and challenges.
a blue and gray abstract background with a white background

Resource Management:

Collect resources like minerals, energy, and exotic materials from planets to sustain your settlement and trade with other players.

Building and Customization:

Software Developer
Construct and customize your settlement on planets, design buildings, and create a unique environment.

Setting and Characters:

The game is set in a futuristic universe where space travel is common.
Players take on the roles of settlers or entrepreneurs who are striving for success in a new frontier.
pink and white balloons on white chair


Engage in a player-driven economy where you can buy, sell, and trade resources, goods, and services.
A bustling economic hub where players trade, negotiate, and analyze market trends. In the forefront, holographic calculators and virtual credit cards emphasize the game's financial intricacies, all set against a dynamic cityscape representing the game's economic center.

Social Interaction:

Collaborate with other players to form alliances, trade routes, and work together on larger projects. Chat, interact, and build a thriving community.
Wide illustration of a bustling player hub in 'Cosmic Settlement'. Players gather around holographic tables, discussing and forming alliances. Some are seen shaking hands to finalize trade routes, while others brainstorm on larger projects. Chat bubbles fill the air, representing the vibrant communication and thriving community.

Setting and Characters:

The game is set in a futuristic universe where space travel is common.
Players take on the roles of settlers or entrepreneurs who are striving for success in a new frontier.

Art and Aesthetics:

The game features realistic 3D graphics for space environments and settlements.
User-friendly and visually appealing UI for ease of navigation.
Image showcasing a contemporary house in "Cosmic Settlement". The house features a modern design with large panoramic windows that offer a glimpse into the cozy living space inside. The decor and design elements reflect the blend of familiar comforts with futuristic innovations typical of the game's universe.
Futuristic cityscape on an alien planet for 'Cosmic Settlement'. Towering skyscrapers pierce the starlit sky, illuminated by vibrant neon lights. Bustling streets are alive with activity, showcasing a mix of human settlers and intriguing alien inhabitants. The contrast between the dark, starry sky and the vivid city below is palpable. The image embodies the spirit of space exploration, blending contemporary architecture with futuristic design elements unique to the game's universe.
Cosmic Settlement is a blend of futuristic space exploration and contemporary realism, reminiscent of popular life simulation games like The Sims. The game world is rich in color, with neon lights punctuating the darkness of space, juxtaposed against the familiar comfort of Earth-like settings.

Color Palette:
Primary: Deep space black, neon blue, starlight white, cosmic purple.
Secondary: Alien green, sunset orange, planetary red, metallic silver.

Concept Art:
Cityscapes: Bustling alien cities with towering skyscrapers, flying cars, and busy marketplaces.
Interiors: Modern apartments with panoramic views, offering a blend of contemporary Earth-like furnishings and subtle futuristic elements.

Characters: Detailed facial features with attire ranging from contemporary casual clothing to more avant-garde space fashion.

Textures & Materials:
Surfaces in the game should have a mix of matte and reflective properties.
Incorporate materials like sleek metals, transparent glass, and soft fabrics for interiors.
Alien terrains can feature unknown materials with unique properties – glowing rocks, liquid metals, and soft crystals.

Emphasize the contrast between the darkness of space and the vibrant neon city lights.
Use dynamic lighting for interiors, highlighting the play between natural light from windows and artificial lighting from futuristic fixtures.

Character Design:
Characters should have a blend of features inspired by "The Sims" for realism and unique futuristic touches like holographic accessories and tattoos.
Diverse representation is key. Ensure a wide variety of ethnicities, body types, and fashion styles.

UI/UX Design:
Sleek, user-friendly interfaces with holographic elements.
Use the primary color palette for menus, buttons, and HUD elements.

Mood Boards:
Incorporate images from modern cityscapes, neon-lit night scenes, popular life simulation games, and sci-fi movies.
Add samples of fabrics, materials, and character sketches.

Sci-fi movies like "Blade Runner" for cityscapes.
"The Sims" series for character interactions and interiors.
Futuristic concept art from various artists for unique design elements.

Experience Cubinexo

The game is available as a browser-based experience, allowing easy access without the need for installations.